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Last Friday was the gala premiere of the hit Bulgarian TV series "Undercover" (or as a lot of you know it - "Под прикритие"), which is now gaining a lot of international momentum as it's broadcast in over 180 countries! Whaaat?!

The event was held at the Vue cinema at Leicester Square in London - which seems like a cool place to do movie premieres. I mean, if the big movies (like Disney's Star Wars) are doing it, then why shouldn't we look cool and have a red carpet and everything?

Most of the crowd's favourite stars from the show were there, as well as the main producers behind the show, and they all made sure to take a lot of selfies with the ever-hungry fans. The event was sold out beforehand, but that didn't stop a lot of Londoners (both Bulgarians and not) to wait to meet the stars and then eventually get into the theatre to watch the show. 

The show itself included a brief speech by the Bulgarian ambassador and a Q&A session with the stars and producers at the end. We watched all of the season recaps (which were actually dubbed in English impressively well) and then we saw the full final episode on the big screen.

All in all, it was a good evening, with some very fun and talented people, but what was so reinvigorating for me was the fact that I had the access to capture the images, and those slightly more intimate moments, that I did. The press photographers weren't there for the cast selfie on the stairs before coming out, for example.

I intended to capture the story of the night in photos and for the most part I think these images are successful in doing that. Of course they're not technically perfect, but the moments are there and that's what matters.

Oh, and did I mention there was also a VIP cocktail beforehand for the stars and special guests. That was pretty cool too.

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