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Last Friday was the gala premiere of the hit Bulgarian TV series "Undercover" (or as a lot of you know it - "Под прикритие"), which is now gaining a lot of international momentum as it's broadcast in over 180 countries! Whaaat?!

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[BTS] Scissor Kick Levitation Shot

World Cup fever? Everyone's hyped and even I am tracking it, although I can't claim I'm a football fan.

Well, in the meantime, I came across some levitation photos that really impressed me and decided I wanted to give it a try myself. The easiest test subject at my disposal? Obviously, my little bro, who ended up showing off this photo as his profile pic to impress some friends.

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[BTS] The Story of Mr.&Mrs. President

You know when election time comes because you see numerous posters popping up everywhere, begging for your vote. School's Student Council elections for President and Vice-President, as well as Secretary and Treasury, are really no different, and the quality of the advertisement work can make a great candidate pair stand out even more, or it could bury them deep on the notice boards among all the other crap. Rosen and Lora are some of my closest friends and I shot their campaign last year (when they lost by very little in runoffs as the underdogs in the whole thing), so it was only natural they would ask me to do it again this year and we would be working on it together as a concept.

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