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Stoyanka Mutafova in London & Coventry

Ladies and gentlemen, the oldest still performing theatre actress in the world! Stoyanka Mutafova. Almost 95 years old. Definitely a living Bulgarian legend, captivating the nation's hearts for generations, and she still keeps filling up halls around the world. This time, we took her to meet her fans in Coventry and yesterday she performed in front of the London audience in the Bulgarian embassy.

The meeting at Coventry University was packed, and Stoyanka Mutafova told stories from the bombings of Coventry during the war to answering the audience's questions about her career and life. People couldn't get enough of her. Probably the most amazing thing was how she lit up and got energized by the audience and that carries her, even at this age.

The London performance was the 1050th one of "Госпожа стихийно бедствие" - a story which is to a large extent based on episodes from Stoynka and her daughter's life, based on the book by her daughter. Once again, the embassy was packed with fans, who consider it an honer to watch Stoyanka Mutafova perform.

I Facebook live steamed some of the Coventry meetup, so if you're curious what that looked like, you can check it out here.

Also, I'm currently cutting together a short video, telling the story of the entire trip and both events, which will give those of you, who couldn't attend, a sense of the energy in the room, and for those of you who were there, just to remind of you of the unique experience.