This is the page, where you'll find an insider look at my process of creating images. Expect to see photographs, break-downs of shoots or edits, and all sorts of exclusive behind-the-scenes content!

Photo of the Day: 8

Since I've started discussing my quest for experimentation in photography (among other things), I want to share a very simple, yet powerful technique I tried to pull off in the image bellow.

As I've said before, experimenting with whatever grabs your curiosity can be immensly valuable. Not in the final result perhaps, of creating a colourful water rainbow that's probably nothing too special, albeit visually striking, but in the process of figuring out how to make it happen. And that's my challenge of the day - how was this image created? What do you need to do to pull something like this off?
I will post a detailed explanation tomorrow, if you can't quite figure it out.