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Photo of the Day: 1

Now that it's 2017 already (OMG, whaaaat!?!), I want to officially introduce something I've been wanting to do for a while, and that is to share a photo and its story with you every single day.

To start things off, it seems only appropriate to tell you a little bit more about my fireworks shot, which you can see above and you probably already saw on my Facebook or Instagram. [*cough* insert a gentle reminder to follow me here *cough*] 

The story behind this particular image started with my very simple desire to take pictures when the clock strikes 00:00 this New Year's Eve. This meant that I was probably going to be alone, since I wanted a broader vantage point, overlooking the city, or an elaveted one close to a recognisable landmark in Sofia. I was going through all the different options I had in my head, but there was no location without some sort of compromise. Luckily, a very good friend lives on the 13th floor right next to National Palace of Culture (NDK), where I was sure that we would be able to see fireworks from all over Sofia. Even more luckily, we were heading to the same flat-party afterwards, so she was looking for transport across the city anyway, and she didn't mind welcoming the new year with just me, while I'm mostly focused on taking a good picture.

It ended up being a pretty much perfect vantage point to enjoy the firework shows and to celebrate the coming of the new year.

If you want to get a more "in-the-moment" perspective, check out the short VLOG I made on New Year's Eve:

Thank you so much for reading, and watching, and hitting me up with nice messages for the new year! I really appreciate all of that, and it means that I should be delivering more, hence, this PotD series, among other amazing things that 2017 has got in store for us!
Have an amazing year!
Can't wait to see what's going to happen...