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Photo of the Day: 7

It was a cold and misty November afternoon, nowhere nearly as cold as it is at the moment in Bulgaria, but then, I was at Chigwell school.

My first winter in the UK was approaching and the one thing that fascinated me the most was how early the sun sets. Which is rather shitty, if you're just living there, but for photography is amazing, because it latitude means that the sun always fairly low in the sky.
This image is technically a sunset shot, believe it or not, taken at around 4pm on a very, very misty and foggy afternoon. That fog created amazing light-rays and very surreal, almost dream-like environment.
As I was admiring the beutiful light, and trying to figure out a cool shot, my buddy James stormed in with a massive stick he found somewhere in the school's yards. He started chasing Amy around the fields with it, and she couldn't stop laughing every step along the way.
There I had my subjects.
And they were the perfect foreground figures, with their black uniforms contrasting perfectly with the light and mist behind them. They give the whole scene a breath of life, and I purposefully wanted to show some movement in James' chase (by using a slower shutter speed), while keeping Amy's laughter the focal point. For me, this is a very bright and joyful scene, but given the kind of eerie nature of the background, I can definitely see how one can have a very different interpretation to the story in their head.