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Photo of the Day: 10

Exactly a year ago today, I was really itching to try out some crazy compositing just for the fun of it and to explore more of Photoshop's possibilities.

(For those who don't know my work very well - I tend to do very basic post-processing corrections and rarely some subtle photoshops work for headshots, for example, to enhance the image, and to give it a visual aesthetic that appeals to me. Over the years, I've developed "a style", with a love for film-looking black and whites, but that's another topic altogether.)
I find it a little bit funny that I've been on such a rant about experimentation, and this image comes up in Facebook memories.

Coincidences are interesting.

Anyway, the point of the entire Photo of the Day series is that I share a story with you every day, associated with an image. In this first week of me writing these posts, I've gone down a path of showing you work that is different from my portfolio that you've already seen. And the point is that all of this experimentation, that produces somewhat interesting pictures, makes me a better photographer when it comes to my "professional" portfolio. That's why for this one, that narrative can be anything you imagine it to be. I was simply inspired by the works of others, such as Andrei Oprinca, and I put my own twist on it.
Here is the original image from my good friend, Lora's birthday photoshoot:

I wanted to make life easier for myself, which is why I went for a studio picture, which would be relatively easy to cut out. I also wanted the contrast between a (perhaps deceptively) beautiful girl as the subject, and a really surreal, dark, and kinda creepy background, which looks like it's taken out of some fantasy book world or something.

Or that was the idea at least. You can judge the final result for youself.

P.S. I'm sorry, Lora, for butchering your photo to do this, but then again I just explained how I'm not sorry, so...