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Photo of the Day: 3

I love cars. I always have, but most of you know that. Especially classic or iconic cars. Hence, it's probably not too surprising that as a kid I was really into HotWheels. They had all sorts of crazy modded cars, and completely fantasy ones, but they also had some true miniature recreations of some of the best cars in automotive history. And, of course, being the little petrolhead obsessive kid that I was (still am?), I started collecting HotWheels. And not just any models that I saw, but only the ones of real-life cars.

Naturally, while a teenager is bored at home with not much to do, they experiment. As I said in yesterday's PotD, artistic experimentation can be very valuable. At one point I was playing around with DYI household ways to do high-end-looking product photography, and so the little toy cars were a very interesting subject to me. The main challenge of photographing them was figuring out how to light them in a way that looks good and doesn't cause too much distraction reflections on the cars' shiny paintjobs.

I'm quite happy with the final result, and it's one of my favourite "random" shots from just experimenting at home. And I think this is an interesting challenge for anyone who feels a bit stuck - to just look around the house, flat, room, or whatever, and really look into the details and what could be brought out of it.

I haven't looked back on that collection in years, and currently probably more than 70 different HotWheels models are sitting in a shoebox in my room, waiting to be put on display, which I'm hoping to do in the near future. For now I have this picture to look at, and enjoy what car history (even in miniature) has to offer.