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Photo of the Day: 17

I know you all are screeming "LET US SEE THE HORSES, YOU IDIOT" after yesterday's post, which I meant to use as a clearer introduction to the village to give you some context. But without further ado.... well, actually you already saw them before you started reading this...
My grand introduction failed....
Anyway, moving on...

Yesterday, I said that I set off with the intention of getting some pictures of the (semi-)wild horses which roam the mountain ridge. Now, I call them semi-wild, because they are vaguely looked after by a local guy, but they are not domesticated in any way. So really they are wild animals in nature, and you can't just walk up to them and pet them, especially not if they have young ones around feeding.

Nevertheless, I've spent so much time in Emona that I knew the paths the horses take and the patches of fields and hills they gather at.
Telephoto lens (of course) armed and ready, I tried to approach them as unobtrusively as possible. I wanted to get on their level as much as I could, and I would take a picture and then literally take a couple slow steps and take the next one.

As I got closer, I saw how they started to pay more and more attention to me. I took a picture. Then one more step, and looked through my camera for the next shot, but through the lens I saw the male leader and a couple of other horses starting to run rahter agressively towards me.

I took a couple of pictures anyway. Really quick though, and I immediately took a couple of steps back, and they held off.

I love the sense of motion in the image, in the slight blur of the mane of the horse up front, even though that might be seen as an imperfection. The tension of the moment is palpable in the image, and I'm really glad I managed to get close enough to fill the frame.

I'm also glad I didn't get trampled.

Here's a bonus photos, which I really liked from that outing, because I though was quite majestic: