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Photo of the Day: 13

Today's Photo of the Day shouldn't be new to most of you. I've even sold prints of this one. But I want to counter myself and my post from yesterday and show you a typical touristy picture, which is more interesting than average exactly because of the fisheye.
That is not to say that I didn't use it with intent, but I feel like it's just one of those snapshots that's made interesting in an "artificial" way, by the tool that was used, instead of the interest in the scene itself.
Having said that, I still think this is an interesting and appealing picture. There isn't too much of a backstory to it. You could probably already tell, it's taken from the London Eye, looking towards the park that's just behind it. This was during our first family trip to London in April 2011! What grabs my attention in this image is the distorted structural detail of the London Eye itself, but also I purposefully wanted to keep the window frame at the bottom, as, well... a natural frame to the image. Also, that composition puts the horizon higher up, also making it very distorted and bowed out by the fisheye lens. The relative symmetry of those two elements creates a resemblance to the almond shape of an eye, and the only spark of colour in the image comes from the green iris in the middle (the park). It can be interpreted fairly symbolically in that sense.
What do you think? Do you find it boring, or is there something to it?