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Photo of the Day: 11

Portrait of my family's two dogs in our yard, taken using my grandmonether's Polaroid 600

We have always been a dog family, and honestly, as far as I can remember we've always had at least a couple of dogs, either with my grandparents or with my family. We got our beloved white fool of a Samoyed not even a year after we moved into our house. This Polaroid picture was taken over 7 and half years later, and two and a half years after we found Krista as a small puppy crying on our doorstep on Easter day.

In fact, she was only yay big when we found her.
We were going out to do some last minute food shopping before gathering for a family Easter celebration, and we heard a puppy crying literally on our doorstep. There was no way we could just leave her on the street, so we took her in.
We thought she might have just run away or gotten lost, so I went around the neighbourhood and posted flyers with her picture, if anyone was looking for her. In the meantime, we were trying not to get too attached, and I even refused to call her by name for the first week or so. But as time passed, we realised that noone was looking for her, and she was part of the family now. Having been rescued on Easter day, it seemed appropriate that we name her Krista (or Christa, I don't know what the English spelling should be).
Now, she's grown to be a very smart and playful dog, but you can clearly see from her behaviour how she was born as a street dog with hunter's instincts.

The Polaroid photo you see above was taken with an old Polaroid 600 with a cartridge inside that hadn't been touched for years, giving it that hipster filter look, but it's the original!
I was playing around with it, taking photos around the house just for nostalgia's sake and for the challenge of making each press of the button count. You only have 8 frames in a cartridge in those Polaroids, for those of you that don't know, and they don't come cheap either.
I took this particular shot after the dogs had been running around for a while, so I knew I could get them to stay relatively still. I roughly framed my shot as a portrait with both of them lying in front of the camera, but to to get a lower angle I had to put the camera on the ground. At that point, I couldn't see how exactly the photo was composed, so I had to go by feel, while trying to keep the dogs in place. I was watching Krista and as soon as she looked up and to the side, I pressed the button. That was the decisive moment, and I was very happy with the result after waiting 5 minutes for it to develop. The composition was perfect, not cutting anything off, and even keeping them symmetrical.

Nevertheless, the best part about this image for me, is the little detail that their paws are crossed in the middle, which is rather adorable.

How can you not love dogs?