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Photo of the Day: 15

Since I've started the whole birds and observation of details thing, I want to continue that by sharing one of my grandmother's favourite photos. It was taken in one of the trees in our yard in the village Emona, which I mentioned when I talked about the concert photo a few days ago.

More on that in the future.

The situation was rather interesting, because noone knew there was a nest in that tree, and it didn't look like a swallow nest, but I think someone saw the bird flying in and out of that tree bush constantly. I quickly ran upstairs to grab my camera (with the tele lens, obviously), and it was amazing how close I could actually get. I was being quite slow and as silent as possible, so as to not scare them, but at the same time my reactions had to be very fast to snap exactly when the bird pops out, or turns, or when the wind blows the leaves, etc.

It was an interesting challenge, and a very good opportunity just in our yard. I wish the result was a bit sharper, but otherwise out of the few fairly similar images I captured, I think this was the best one. Plus, the bird itself looks pretty cool, and the nest structure is interesting.

I'm still not sure what kind of bird this is, though, because I'm fairly sure it's not a swallow, so if anyone knows, drop me a line!