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Is the smartphone in your pocket the key to advancing your photography and training your creative eye?

Boats Parking
Boats Parking

We all love our selfies and our pictures of food, or when we go to cool places, and all the random funny moments we want to capture and later embarrass our friends for, but if you stop and think about what you could create with your smartphone camera it might open up a whole new visual dimension in photography.

I was guilty of not using my camera nearly as much as I should have, however I always had my phone with me pretty much, as we all do, so I would still try to capture certain things I saw. And the point really to take away from this is the fact that the camera does not matter. I know it has been repeated so many times already, but I feel almost offended when I show people my work and they say 'oh, you must have a really good camera,' or 'how many megapixels is your camera.'

It's funny that megapixels are actually one of the last thing to look at when getting a dSLR, but even on smartphones now megapixels are not really an issue unless you start zooming or cropping in the phone.Takeaway from this post no.2: Do not ever crop in your phone if you can avoid it! Just walk up closer! Cropping/zooming on phones is purely digital (lens doesn't actually zoom), so quality suffers.. a lot. 

Again a cliche, but it's true, the camera is just a tool to aid creativityand to put it in some medium.  Chase Jarvis, whom I mentioned in my first post, says that the best camera is the one that you have with you. What is always with you again? Probably your smartphone is in some pocket.

I find myself completely agreeing that visually strong and emotionally impactful photographs, that could tell a story, can be taken with just about any camera. To the extent even that I was (and actually still sort of am) considering making a separate portfolio just for phone pictures. Proof that what I'm talking about isn't just hot air.

So why not use that tool in your pocket? It's there anyways...

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Final Note: I will try to keep this blog updated at least couple of times a week! Hopefully, I will manage to keep it up! I'm really enjoying it so far, although I am quite late with this post... at least in my mind... Nevermind...